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Using the Furrion Solar Port.


Grand Design, Forrest River, and perhaps other RV manufacturers have been installing a Furrion Solar Charge receptacle as of late, for the intended purpose of connecting a portable solar charger to your battery. However, the RV does not come with the plug for the receptacle, and good luck obtaining one from the RV manufacturer.

Generally the only way to obtain this plug is when you buy a Furrion solar panel. However, Zamp (a competitor of RV solar panels) does make an adapter from the Furrion plug to their panels.

Still, it would be nice to obtain these plugs independantly as there are many useful things you could do with this plug. The Furrion receptacle installed by the RV manufacturer simply connects to the battery via fuse (7.5a fuse in the case of my RV). For example, if you had a few of these plugs, you could attach one to a trickle charger so you could connect to the battery without having to open the front hatch. As well, a low power air compressor - like those that are used to inflate beach toys could connect to this port. In reality, almost anything that can use 12VDC at less than 7.5A could be connected.

Due to difficulty in finding this plug, some owners have removed the Furrion receptacle and have installed one that offers a more standard plug.

But there is good news! I have located a source of these plugs.

I found a dealer that directly imports these plugs from China on eBay. They ship from Miami, Fl. so they are US Domestic purchases (no messing around with duties, etc.). Follow this link for the eBay source:



Also, I have recently found these connectors at Amazon, if you prefer that seller:



You will find dozens of different connectors on this page. Search on the part number given above.

Disclaimer. I am not associated with this seller (other than being a purchaser) and get no compensation for providing this link. I am doing so simply as a service to my readers - which hopefully will help you determine there is value to bookmarking www.rv-project.com

I also talked to the seller and told them their application in the RV industry. They indicated they would keep these connectors in stock.

The connectors are solder tab only, so you need a 25~40watt soldering iron to connect the cable. But when assembled properly, the connectors are rated at IP67 (Impervious to dust/immersable in water up to 1meter).

Even though these connectors are manufactured in China, they are fairly high quality, and worth the asking price from the eBay seller.

I don't know if Furrion is trying to protect their "piece of the pie" by making the connector hard to obtain, and what the relationship is between Furrion and the RV manufacturers, but here is one instance where the little guy (RV owners) have been able to find a part that might otherwise be very expensive to obtain.