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A collection of simple RV projects.

Upgraded Storage Door Locks.


These are the typical combination locks with a "twist"; adding lock covers. The chief complaint to these combo cam locks is they get wet, corrode, and fail to function. However, by adding a lock cover, you will not have as much of an issue with wet conditions.

We put one of these on one of our doors and keep our RV entry door lock hidden inside. That way, I don't have to take a set of keys with me when we are at the beach.

When ordering the combo-locks, make sure you measure the length of the old one to get the right size. Mine was 7/8" in length, which is a popular size for those type doors.


Project video.






Center Console Mounting your RV Electroincs.


These days, there are a lot of RV electronics that mount in the cab of your tow vehicle, whether it be a RV oriented GPS system, backup camera, or TPMS system. Unfortunately, these items typically come with a suction cup for mounting on the windshield. It has been my experience that this mounting method often fails, resulting in the monitor crashing onto the dash or the floor.

As well, if you attach two or three devices to your windshield, you not only have clutter, you could probably get a ticket. In this project, I solve that problem by placing a piece of acrylic in the center console that has a smooth surface - perfect for those suction cups to attach to.

This project is simple in the sense it is quick to do, although you will likely need access to a table saw and drill press.


Project video.




Organizing your RV's Crank Handles.


While some manufacturers do indeed provide hooks for storing your RV's crank handles, mine did not. Even then, sometimes those hooks do not hold the handles very secure. I came up with a method to securely hold the crank handles so they don't bounce all around or fall off the hooks.

The only difficulty in doing this project is finding the smaller size clips that are typically needed for securing the cranks... however I was able to find them.


Project video.




Weather Station.


A weather station is always a good idea for a RV. However, I wanted a full-blown station that provides wind speed and direction as well as the other options. In this project, I mount an Acu-Rite 5 function sensor (wind direction, wind speed, rain guage, outdoor temperature, outdoor humidity) on the RV.


Project video.

Mounting Upgrade Video.




Last reviewed and/or updated May 9, 2017