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Remote Controlling the Lippert Ground Control 3.0 Levelers.


Like many of the newer RVs, my RV came with Lippert's Ground Control 3.0 Leveling system. Unfortunately, many RV manufacturers save a few dollars and do not supply a wireless remote with the system. Chances are, even if you didn't receive a remote with your RV, you can add one at a later date. The GC3.0 leveler system is available in several versions; an OEM version without remote (not sure if they offer an OEM version with a remote), and an aftermarket version with remote.

For me, the GC3.0 control unit is located in about the dumbest place, and while it is not exactly hard to get to - it is somewhat of a pain. So having the capability of a remote is very appealing to me.

Perhaps the best tell-tale whether or not your Ground Control system is wireless remote capable or not is by looking at the control unit for the leveler system, and see if you can find a piece of black wire hanging down - which is the antenna.

If you have the antenna, you most certainly have a remote capable control unit. In fact, one supplier told me they are all remote capable regardless of whether or not they actually come with a remote.

If you are shopping for a new RV and it has GC3.0 levelers, insist the dealer throw in a remote.

So what do you need to update your system to remote control... basically just the remote.


The remote you want is the Lippert LC358601. It is the latest version and has a fuse configuration capability built into it (more on why you need that later). If you find an earlier version of the remote, it may still work with the GC3.0 levelers, but perhaps not the other Linc components - if that is important to you.





When purchasing the remote, especially from eBay or surplus outlets, make sure you obtain the latest version (P/N:358601 as of this writing), Earlier versions may work, but might lack essential functions (such as fuse programming of Linc Multi-Function boards, if that feature is important to you.


Once you obtain the remote, it's a simple matter of programming it. The basic steps are found in the Lippert manual, but I will detail them here as well:

  1. Turn the remote on. If it has never been configured, yo will see a "Config" button. To change a configuration, depress the"ON" button 5 times.

  2. If the remote has a PIN, it will ask you if you want to reset it.

  3. You will be asked to configure Function #1. Make sure the response is NONE, then depress the "SELECT" Button.

  4. You will then be asked to configure Function #2 through Function #7. They also all should be set to NONE. Bypass them as well by depressing the "SELECT" button.
  5. You will be asked to configure Leveler Type 1. This is the Ground Control Electric Leveler System, so respond "YES".

  6. Respond "NO" when asked to configure Leveler Type 2. This is for a Hydraulic Leveler.

    You will then be presented with a Summary screen. Item #1 through #7 should be NO, and only Leveler Type 1 should say YES.

  7. Depress "OK" at the summary screen.

  8. When asked to Configure Fuses, respond "NO".

  9. You will be presented with a second summary screen. Again depress "OK".

  10. You will then be prompted to set the PIN for the remote. This is the PIN used to access the remote each time you use it.


Note. Depending on the version of the remote you have, your screens may differ. For example, depending on the current configuration and/or the version you of the remote you have, mi may not have the option to program the fuses (steps 8 and 9).

At this point the remote should be configured. Now we need to attach the remote to the RV's Ground Control console. This is already fairly easy. However, the Ground Control 3.0 system should already be deployed and your RV should be leveled.

  1. At the Ground Control 3.0 Location, turn the Ground Control console's power on then off. This is optional, but it tends to "wake up" the console.

  2. Turn on the wireless remote.

  3. On the Ground Control console, depress the LEFT button 5 times, then the RIGHT button 5 times.

  4. The Ground Control console should indicate it is in the Remote Configuration. If so, depress any button on the wireless remote, and the Console should synch with the remote.

  5. If the linking was successful, the Ground Control console display will indicate "SUCCESS", then turn itself off.


Congratulations, at this point, you have a wireless remote for your Ground Control 3.0 leveler system.


Configuration Video



Lippert Ground Control 3.0 Aftermarket Manual


Going Beyond.

So what about that other stuff on the remote that we did not program? You know, those functions and fuses? Truth be told, that same wireless remote that works on your Ground Control leveler system also works with additional remote devices. So, we are making a two phase project, with the second phase being the addition of a 5 or 8 channel remote system so we can control our slideouts, awning, and lighting. Lippert calls this a "Linc Remote System". Other remote capable systems such as "MyRV" also use some of these components, but it becomes a lot more sophisticated, with Bluetooth, WiFi, and tablets. so we will limit our project to using the humble Linc wireless remote.





Last reviewed and/or updated Nov 7, 2017