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Future Fifth Wheel Projects.

I have a lot of project ideas for my fifth wheel RV. Some of them are crazy schemes I have come up with for a project. Projects are not listed in order of importance or completion.


Project Ideas:

  • Hitch Storyboard.

  • LED accent lighting interior.

  • AC/DC monitor panels.

  • Safe.

  • JT Strongarms.

  • 5th wheel nose proximity alarm.

  • vent fan upgrade in bedroom.

  • grill propane attachment to RV.

  • Flagpole Buddy mount.

  • Remote tank monitor in basement.

  • packing wheel bearings (use high-temp bearing grease, not general purpose grease).

  • Add step to bedroom area (1 step to 2 steps).

  • magnetic exterior door stop.

  • Trailer Brake Wiring upgrade.

  • 5200lb axle upgrade.

  • Replace China-Bomb tires with new Goodyear Endurance ST tires.

  • Pendant lighting over dining table.

  • Replace all stereo speakers, including speaker expansion into bedroom.

  • Broadcast antenna replacement.

  • Modify Class-C cover for better fit on 5th Wheel.

  • IR remote extension (so I can control the stereo behind the glass door).

  • HDMI splitter to exterior TV for Satellite.

  • Lippert Ground Control 3.0 wireless remote.

  • Upgrade holding and fresh water tank monitors.

  • Replace central control panel.

  • Fresh water dump handle extension

  • Upgrade to electrically operated dump valves

  • Exterior TV Backlighting


Means this is an active project. I have either begun to purchase materials, started the design work, or the project is actually in-progress.

 As projects are completed, they will be taken off this list and an how-to article and video will be published for them.