March 2, 2018


Well, the snow is off the roof of the RV, which means camping season is just around the corner. But rather than getting ready for the RV season, I had to do some website maintenance. Someone started send me junk mail via the Contact RV-Project.Com link on my website, so much so that I had considered shutting it down. But a few of my supporters do use it, so I took the time to (hopefully) fix the issue. What is the matter with people? As they say "this is why we can't have nice things".

If you are a subscriber to my YouTube channel, you should have received notification of 5 new videos. If you are not a subscriber, please subscribe by following this link: RV-Project YouTube Channel.

The 5 new videos are winter-time type projects, and include the RV Super LED Dimmer that I have been discussing, as well as a project for 12V Power at the Pin Box (Mother Nature was kind enough to allow me a nice afternoon to shoot some outdoor video).

In a future video I will install the Dimmer; first as a stand-alone project, using one of those Chinese Wireless Remote Relays; then along with a Lippert Linc controller. My current projects are to finish an upgrade to the power switch for my Furrion Backup Camera, and to start working on a "dimmer shootout" video. But since I want to include my dimmer in that review, I wanted to complete that project first.

I ended up learning a lot about dimmers and LED fixtures when designing and testing my dimmer. I learned that with the many different LED fixtures on the market, their drivers differ significantly. And some LED drivers can actually overheat a dimmer if it is not designed with enough of a heat sink... boy was I surprised.

On the RV forums, I am seeing an almost "cult" following that occurs when one owner purchases or discovers something (a dimmer in this case) and after reporting the results, everone else on the forum not only goes out and purchases the same dimmer, but almost reveres that original discovery. Unfortunately, they are placing faith on the original owner without fact-checking the results. If the original owner were to chose a bad dimmer-LED combo that results in overheating of the dimmer, it would be a bad thing to blindly follow that advice.

I guess that is where myths come from...

and speaking of myths, I am still needing to produce a video about AC power concerning Watts = Voltage x Current. I just literally smack my head against the wall every time I see this in the RV forums when used for AC circuits. I have even seen it used by RV manufacturers in their documentation.

Has no one heard of reactance?

or Power Factor?

Sadly, one google on "AC OHMS LAW" can provide the correct answer, but the myth continues on.

After making the rounds at a couple regional RV shows, I really did not see a whole lot new for 2018. At least nothing that gives me ideas for new projects. I guess I need to put my thinking cap on. And feel free to send an email if you have a project you would like to see done: Contact RV-Project.Com

More to come;