Nov 2, 2017


Just finished winterizing the RV, so our RV'ing season in the upper-midwest is done. We have to take the RV to the factory in a few days for some repair, but otherwise, we are done hauling it around for a few months (hopefully though we will get to take a trip to Florida for a month or so after the Christmas Holidays). The good news though is I just booked my first campsite for the 2018 season.

So where does that leave RV-Project.Com? I am in the research phase for the next couple of months for new projects and articles. So I will still publish a few videos over the coming months. For example:

In addition to these specific topics, I will be doing normal website maintenance; checking the links, editing for accuracy, updating text for clarity, and so on.

Planned projects for next year. Over the winter, I also put my purchase-agent hat on and start the purchase cycle for next year's projects. I have already purchased items for the following projects (so they are a go):

And in addition, I have a lot of project ideas that I have not yet committed to. Perhaps I will purchase some of these components as well over the winter:

So you can see that 2018 promises to be another year full of projects, reviews, and videos. Thank you for your support.

More to come;